Quentin Tarantinos long-awaited first work of fiction at once hilarious, delicious, and brutal is the always surprising, sometimesshocking new novel based on his Academy Award- winning film.

RICK DALTONOnce he had his own TV series, but now Ricks a washed-up villain-of-the week drowning his sorrows in whiskey sours. Will a phone call from Rome save his fate or seal it?

CLIFF BOOTH Ricks stunt double, and the most infamous man on any movie set because hes the only one there who might have gotten away with murder. .

. .

SHARON TATE She left Texas to chase a movie-star dream, and found it. Sharons salad days are now spent on Cielo Drive, high in the Hollywood Hills.

CHARLES MANSON The ex-cons got a bunch of zonked-out hippies thinking hes their spiritual leader, but hed trade it all to be a rock n roll star.