Albumi alttoviuluETUDES1. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 12 "Walk on the G string"2. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 32 "Lefs go gymnastics!"3. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 33 "Granny's fairy-tale"4. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 34 "March"5. K. Rodionov. Etude Na 25 "Atdawn"6. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 27 "The holiday is over"7. Etude No. 3 "The cheerful felt-tip pen"8. Y. Marr. Etude No. 4 "Bear cub's dance"9. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 46 "The geese are flying"10. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 54 "How nice is motherland!"11. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 65 "The guests have left"12. K. Rodionov. Etude No. 68 "The skipping-rope"PIECESY.Marr. "Come here, my bow!"Portuguese folk lullaby "Sleep, my baby!"Russian folk song. "On the green meadow". Arr. by Y.MarrW.-A. Mozart. Shepherd. Czech folk song. Cuckoo. Arr. by A. KomarovskyL. von Beethoven. Marmot. Arr. by K. RodionovBelgian children's song Charley. Arr. by S. ShalmanPortuguese folk song. Boatman. Arr. by Y.MarrJ. Haydn. "Andante". Editing of viola-part by Y.Marr.C. M. von Weber. "Hunter's choir from opera "Freischutz".Editing of piano-part by Y. MarrR. Schumann. "March. Editing of viola-part by Y. MarrNorwegian popular melody. Arr. by K. Kortchmariov.Slovak folk song. "Sleep, my darling)). Arr. by Y. Utkin.A. Zhilin. "Waltz". Arr. by K. RodionovPortuguese folk song. "May had just begun". ,4/r by Y.MarrPortuguese folk song. "Sad widow". Arr. by Y. Marr. CONCERTS AND CONCERTINOF. Kuchler. Concertino in G. Op. 11, 1. part. Arr. by Y. Marr.O. Rieding. Concert. Op. 35, 3. part. Arr. by Y. MarrF. Kuchler. Concertino in the style of Antonio Vivaldi. Op. 15, 1. part.Free arr. by Y. Marr. F. Seitz. Concert No. 2. Op. 13, 1. part. Free arr. by Y. Marr.DIDACTIC COMMENTS.